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Gro' Your Photography

Introducing PhoGro’s Photography Discord Server

PhoGro’s community forums may be closing, but that does not mean that the community must come to an end. PhoGro’s Photography Discord Server is the place for you to continue to discuss, learn, and experience all things photography. The general theme, gro’ your photography, will remain the same we are just moving to a new home. Join us today! […]

Topaz Texture Effects Inspires Creativity

Topaz Texture Effects is the newest addition to Topazlabs post production software collection. Texture Effects is designed specifically to replace the cumbersome workflow of adding textured layers to your photography in Photoshop, but replacing it with a seamless, and powerful all-in-one solution. Features of Topaz Texture Effects Much like other offerings from Topaz, Texture Effects, comes packed […]

5 Elements of Great Photography

Great photography is what catches your eye, it stops you in your tracks, and makes you frame a photograph and hang it in your house house. What is it that makes a photograph great? 5 Elements of Great Photography What makes great photography is not a result of the camera or the post production tools, but is a result […]

Wide Angle Photography

Wide angle photography is the bread and butter of the landscape photographer – if you don’t own a wide angle lens you’re missing out! As usual we’ll take a look at a few photographs that successfully demonstrate how to photograph using a wide angle lens and then we’ll move onto some more specific tips focused […]