A Star Bursts Over the Rocky Shore

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A Star Bursts Over the Rocky Shore

I love shooting into the sun. There is just something about creating these massive star bursts with the sun that I really enjoy and ultimately find really interesting in photographs.

This photograph was taken while I was looking for compositions at Point Judith for my long exposure after sunset shot. As you can see from the height of the sun, there was still a good amount of time left before the finale. Leaving a good amount of time to fine tune your compositions is probably the most important thing when trying to capture a sunset in a new location.

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  1. ABarlow

    Hey man, nice work on the festive banner ya got! Looks good.

    As for this photo, very nice shot. I like that you got low for it, really helps bring this whole scene together.

  2. John Davenport Post author

    Thanks! Love me the Halloween season and I just had to celebrate! 🙂

    Yeah getting low really made this shot what it is. I can’t wait to revisit this location!