[Assignment] – Less is More

I always find this subject a lot of fun as it really causes you to pick your subject and your scene very carefully. Often times when we’re photographing a scene we want to capture it all to showcase the grandness of it, but more often than not, it’s actually better to find a way to simplify the scene because as someone is viewing the photograph it makes it easier to understand and as a result will have a greater impact.


This week your assignment is to find a way of isolating your subject and really focusing in on the idea of minimalism in your photography. For some extra help on this topic you can check out this post on DPS about negative space and how to make it work for your photography.

As always here’s a handful of Less is More Examples from Flickr for your inspiration

Minimalism...Photo By: | US |

minimalism - feather
Photo By: Georgie Sharp

The Minimalism
Photo By: Wolfman- K

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