Through the Blur – How To Make the Most Out Of Blurry Photos

Ever get a shot that you weren’t happy with due to focus, camera shake, or motion blur? In most cases you’re going to be tossing that photo in the trash right? Well today I’m looking at how you can “save” a blurry photo by making the blur part of the shot.

With that said – not every photo can be “saved” in this manner – so it’s best to learn how to take sharp photos every time rather than relying on the techniques in this post. After-all you don’t want to be handing a client an ‘experiment in post production’ do you?


Make the most out of blurry photos

In the video I talk about why I wanted to keep this photo and how I went about working with the blurriness of it. While this is not something I’d do for a paying client, unless they were interested in this kind of thing, it is fun to play around with ‘failed photos’ in post production to see what you can get out of them.

What do you think? Do you toss every photo that’s not sharp or will you give a blurry photo a second chance with creative editing?