Under the Boat House

Finally, daylight savings time is here, which means that I’ll now have enough daylight left afterwork to get to some of my favorite locations and take photos. I think this has been the longest drought in photography that I’ve had since picking up my camera – this winter has been harsh and I’ve been busy – the combination of the two has really hurt my ability to get out and take new photographs. I’m excited to change that this week!

Inspiration – Under the Boat House

Phogropathy's Photos: Sunset and Sunrise &emdash;

I grabbed this photograph last year while on a sunrise photo walk with my sister out in Quincy MA. It was a beautiful sunrise, one that I’ve featured here before, but I never did get around to editing this shot that I took from under one of the boat houses along the shore. I’m not sure if it didn’t speak to me at the time, or if I just overlooked it, but I stumbled across it today and wanted to give it a shot.

The edits that I applied were fairly straight forward with mostly adjustments to highlights and shadows as well as a bit of additional magenta to give that pink sunrise feel to the photograph. I wish I’d have framed it slightly different, but I was rushing along to grab as many different spots as I could before the sun made its way over the horizon.