Cleared for Landing

Okay, a little off topic today, but I’ve got a question for you… Do you play Facebook games? If so which ones? I never used to be into these games, but I became so addicted to SimCity Social over the weekend I was curious as to how many others play these games in their spare time.

Daily Photo – Cleared for Landing

A few weeks ago I visited The Butterfly Place in Westford MA and you’ve already seen two photographs from that set, The Drunken Flier and The Butterfly Effect. I took so many photographs at this place that I feel like I can share a different butterfly with you for the next several weeks.

Not to mention – it seems like you all enjoy these photos – they are, after all, some of the most popular photographs on Facebook. If you keep liking them, I’ll keep sharing them with you!

With that said – Thank you for all your support, I know I don’t always get to thank everyone directly, but know that your comments, likes, tweets and shares are all important to me and I do read and notice all of them!