Community Editing – UPDATE

It’s been about a week now since I launched the new Community Editing project here on Phogropathy and from the number of submissions and feedback that I’ve received thus far it seems like something worth doing on a more regular basis. Before I dive into what I’m thinking about for the series, how about a quick recap of week one.

First – Let’s Recap Week One’s Edits With A Collage

This was not an easy photograph to deal with. Between the photo being shot using an iPhone in fairly difficult lighting conditions with a blown out window and a black dog in the frame, the photo was just full of problems that made it very difficult to get anything out of it.


That said there were quite a few submissions and each one of them was slightly different from the last. I found it interesting how everyone took the photo in their own direction and it got me thinking about how I could go about improving this Community Editing idea to a more regular feature of Phogropathy. So… here’s the plan – which of course is open to discussion and change – just comment below or email me with your thoughts.

The Series Moving Forward

Here’s what I’m thinking for the Community Editing Forum on Phogropathy.

  • You must be a registered forum member to edit and submit photos. Sign up here (any level will do).
  • Each Friday I will publish a new thread on the forum with that week’s photo and host the file for download on the Community Edit download page.
  • You’ll have one week to edit and upload your version of the photo to the thread. After one week, the photo’s download is removed and the thread is closed.
  • To submit photos to be included in the program read this thread. Note: you’ll need to login to the forum to read the contents of this.

Questions, Comments Feedback?

What else would you like to see from this series? Any ideas, questions, feedback? Leave a comment below or contact me directly. As I’ve mentioned before, I think this will be a lot of fun, and a great way to learn from one another at the same time.


  1. revdfw

    I like your plan for the series moving forward. Seeing the collage of various edits is a very nice feature; I hope you will include that at the end of each week.

  2. John Davenport Post author

    Happy that you like the idea going forward I think it will work out quite nicely to keep things organized and yes I do plan to do a collage of the final images each week.