Fallen Leaves Surround a Small Footbridge

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Fallen Leaves Surround a Small Footbridge

In my hunt for waterfalls there have on occasion been times when I’ve been left to find my own way across these kinds of streams, most of them larger and more precarious than the one pictured here. However, at the Blackstone River Valley they’ve taken the time to make sure you have an easy way across and that you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet.

As I’ve said before I’m extremely disappointed in the fall colors this season, but I’m making do with what mother nature is giving me to work with. She is certainly the most unpredictable part of landscape photography and you can either choose to work with her or give up and fight, but you’re just not going to win that battle.

Anyways, I hope you ‘like’ this photograph! Thank you for stopping by!

Small Bridge in the Woods

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  1. A.Barlow

    Ha! So true man. Gotta use what nature gives you. This is cool anyway, at least the leaves are falling though.

    So tell me, how many times have you almost lost your camera to one of these rivers?

  2. johndavenport

    Oh man I’ve almost kissed that thing goodbye a few times. The one that sticks in my mind the most is at Royalston Falls where I slipped on a wet rock as I was trying to get to a suitable location to take a photo. The rock wasn’t that steep, but it had a clear grade to it at the end of which was a solid 40ft drop to the gorge below. My new Tokina wide angle lens bounced off the rock and I thought immediately that this was a short lived trip with that lens, but alls well and I’ve learned to double check my footing before proceeding from now on!