Grilling Under the Stars

I’ve been getting a lot of great compliments on this series of night photos – Did you miss my first attempt at star trails on Monday? Or maybe you missed the awesome photograph of some kayaks under the stars? Check them out if you did – Stay tuned for more night photographs from the lake this week and then next week we will be all about sunrise and sunset!

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Daily Photo – Grilling Under the Stars

grilling at midnight under the stars
This photograph was taken on the same night as yesterday’s kayak photograph as that was the only truly clear night I had up at the lake house. You’ll notice that there is a bit of light pollution in this shot (that’s why the clouds look yellow) as there are some more populated areas not that far away from where I was in that direction.

As with the other shots in this series I used my Nikon D7000 with the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens set at an aperture of f/2.8 and ISO of 1250. For this shot I lit the grill with a small LED flashlight. To do this I basically painted the grill with the light for about 10 seconds of the 30 second exposure. It was hard to tell how it’d turn out on the little LCD screen, but I think it turned out alright with a small area of unfixable overexposure.

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