How to Create Textured Photos in Photoshop [PPTT #1]

Welcome to the newest weekly segment here on Phogropathy – Phogropathy’s Photo Tip Tuesday[PPTT] – Find out more about PPTT here! In this debut week we learn how to create textured photos in photoshop – something I’m becoming obsessed with.

How to Create Textured Photos in Photoshop (PPTT #1)

Over the last few days I’ve shared a handful of textured photos (A Textured Sunset at Hopedale Pond, Old Style Paper Sunset, Boardwalk Sunset Textured). Today we look at the process it took to create the third image and transform it as seen below!

Create Textured Photos in Photoshop

In this video I briefly go over the simplicity of taking various “textured layers” and using the “overlay blending mode” in photoshop to create the desired effect. I use one layer of free clipart textured/stained paper that I’ve had laying around on my hard drive for years and a simple photograph I took of a brick wall in my house – The best thing about creating textured photographs is trying to find different naturally occurring textures to photograph and use.

A Few Simple Subjects that Could Make Good Textures

  • Sidewalks, roads, driveways
  • Walls, Curbs, Paper
  • Carpets, Clothing, Furniture
  • Trees, Flowers, Forest Floors
  • Got your own idea? Comment below!

It’s all about how you photograph them and then of course how you choose to incorporate them into the final image, but knowing the basics in this video should help you along the way.

The video is less than five minutes long and is a brief overview of the process. If you have questions comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

And now, the video, enjoy!


Did I inspired you to create your own textured photo? I’d love to see it in the Flickr Photoshare Group or on Phogropathy’s Facebook Timeline!


  1. A.Barlow

    Should say “how to awesomefy your photos”. Seriously man, looks wonderful. I like that you can almost ignore the fact there is texture applied to it. That’s perfect!

  2. John Davenport Post author

    Haha Thanks Aaron – Glad you like it!

    And yes, I’ve been tinkering with creating textured photos for a little while now and I have found that subtlety is key when creating them. Overpowering textures really tend to take away from the overall scene, much the same way that overdone HDR can do.

    Thanks for the complement 🙂