How Would You Like to Live Here?

Okay folks so here’s the plan…

This weekend, either tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll be taking Phogropathy down for an extended period of time to implement the new design and test its functionality before I open it back up to the public. I’ll try my best to have the site up at some point on Sunday and will hopefully have enough time to get to this week’s photo share post as well.

However, if you want to be the first to know when the site goes back up then please follow me on Twitter or Like Phogropathy on Facebook and you will know as soon as the new design is up and running!

Thanks for your understanding as I bring you this new look! 🙂

Daily Photo – How Would You Like to Live Here?

A few weeks ago I shared another photograph of one of the other mansions along the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. It really is an amazing place to go for an afternoon walk and I would absolutely love to do it again. There’s so much to see and so many awesome photographic opportunities that it’s a place you have to visit more than once to truly experience. I’m just thankful that it’s only about 90 minutes from my house.

Have a great weekend everyone I can’t wait to get the new design up for you – regardless of the time frame this weekend Phogropathy will be up and running Monday morning!