iPhone Photo Sunday – Snow Covered Pine Needles

Went out for a little photo session yesterday afternoon after the storm died down a bit and got to play around with my new nifty fifty. Sure driving around was still a bit tough, but I managed to get there and back safely. The results? Well, overall they’re quite mixed. For some reason I wasn’t in the right mood – it was extremely cold and windy – and once again my fingers froze.

However, I’m heading out today for sunrise, to get a few more shots before the snow is gone. Wish me luck!

iPhone Photo Sunday – Snow Covered Pine Needles

Snow Covered Pine Needles with iPhone and Snapseed

Welcome to the segment where the iPhone steals the show. I know I’ve said it before, but the iPhone 4S has one amazing camera for a smart phone. And then you add in apps like Camera+ and Snapseed it becomes a powerful tool to create shots like the one seen above.

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  1. Brad

    Glad to know this site! Found through your Problogger article. Love the use of B/W. Really focuses the eyes on the details. Had no idea of the clarity that could be achieved as you show here. This will be a top bookmark for me.