Marathon Monday

This year’s Boston Marathon certainly has a different meaning than years passed. With last year’s tragedy permanently marked in our memories it’s so encouraging to see this city get back on it’s feet for another 26.2 mile haul.

I originally thought that this tree of shoes along the marathon route was something constructed in memory of the events last year, but after stopping to take photos I learned that it is for an entirely different cause.


This tree of shoes is dedicated to Meg Menzies, who was hit by a drunk driver while out on her morning. It has been placed here, along the marathon route to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving as well as a memorial of sorts for Meg.


While the photograph of the entire was what I was initially there to photograph. I quickly switched over to my 50mm lens and decided that filling the frame with this sort of abstract collection of shoes was more interesting.

For more about Meg’s story you can read about it here on a Facebook page created for here memory.