Later today I’m posting my first ‘inspirational photo set’ featuring some great Halloween themed photos. Make sure you check back in a few hours to see these shots and take a minute to help share it around the internet for me!


Today I had the bright idea to attempt a sunrise photo shoot which took the better part of my morning. I was certain that the clouds were thin enough to refract the light in the way that creates dramatic skies, but thin enough to not clear out entirely before the big moment. Unfortunately I was wrong and I ended up with an overcast sunrise failure (I’ll still post a photo or two for you in the next day or so).

This photo however is another one of my friend Alex who was kind enough to model for me. We found an overhead lamp for this shot and of course she instantly came up with this idea of ‘looking into the light’ for a pose.

I think it came out really well and works perfectly as a black and white. Hope you all like it as well! Thanks for visiting Phogropathy I hope to see you again soon.