Nature’s Camouflage

Happy Friday everyone! Congratulations we’ve made it through another week!

Anyone have any plans for the weekend? I’m hopefully going to go for a short hike on Sunday (provided the rain holds off) and try and grab a shot of a waterfall in the area. The forecast doesn’t look promising though so I may have to push this hike to next weekend.

Today’s Photo – Nature’s Camouflage

I went for a walk at Stony Brook in Norfolk MA yesterday evening and spent a solid hour and a half taking photographs of wildlife and landscape scenes. This place is amazing and I feel like since the last time I was there I’ve grown so much as a photographer.

This shot from Stony Brook really didn’t need much post processing at all. I did crop it slightly to remove some stray branches that were in the frame and did a little minor color adjustments to soften the saturation of the green. All in all it’s really pretty much straight out of the camera.

The frog was nearly impossible to see with the naked eye from where we were. He was under some brush and almost completely submerged in the algae covered water. Just lying in wait of a fly to stray a little too close I suppose.

Wildlife photographs have been one of my greatest weaknesses to date, but I feel like this shot really demonstrates how much I’ve learned since I started taking photographs. Look at this photograph, from my last trip at Stony Brook, for comparison. Not only was the first shot composed poorly it’s also very apparent that the frog was a tad on the soft side. Where as this photograph really brings out the details in the frog’s eye and there’s no distracting elements like branches and twigs to get in the way of the composition.

It’s pretty obvious which shot I prefer… are you on my side? Did I improve my skill between these two shots? Let me know what you think!

As always countless thanks for your feedback, continued visits, and support in sharing my work around the internet – I can’t grow without your it – so thank you all so much!


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Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5


  1. Holly

    Yes much better than the other frog photo. I really like this one. The little bits of purple and yellow eye breaking up the green create interest. The image of the frog is nice and sharp. Good shot!

  2. Milla

    I saw this on Flickr and I think it’s really great pic! Perfect lighting, nice composition…all in all a very good photo. 🙂