New Life Begins

I hope you are having a nice weekend!

Weekly iPhoneography – New Life Begins

I snapped this photograph of a little pine tree in the forest while I was waiting for the sun to begin to set. I do this a lot when I find a location I want to photograph. I’ll set my DSLR up on the tripod and have it positioned and set for the shot I want to capture, and then, while I wait for the light to develop I’ll walk around the immediate area taking photos with my iPhone of interesting things.

It sure beats simply sitting and waiting for time to go by.

For this shot I used the built in camera app to snap the photo and then a combination of Snapseed and Camera Awesome to do the edits. I finally brought it into photoshop and added a textured layer of another shot I took with my iPhone that very same day of a close up of a rock. I hope you like it!