Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #22

Welcome back to another edition of PPS where I step back from the spotlight here on Phogropathy and share the photography from you, my readers!

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And now…

Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #22

Photo By: Loomie34
sail away;
Photo By: G.Sprague1
schreiber Industrial Park (New Kensington, PA)
Photo By: tomj52
Photo By: Debby Curtis
home of the "little blue smurfs"......

Thanks for Your Submissions!

As always I like to thank everyone for their submissions! There are so many awesome photographers out there who snap a variety of scenes from everyday activities to stunning once in a life time experiences. The more people that share with us here the more variety we will see. Please consider sharing this post with your own friends and contacts so these photos can be seen by as many people as possible!