Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #24

Welcome once again to the weekly segment here on Phogropathy where I take a step back from the spotlight in order to showcase some of the photography that my readers have been sharing with me recently.

Do You Dabble in Photography?

Whether you’re someone who snaps the shutter every single day or someone who’s camera collects a layer of dust between outtings Phogropathy’s Photo Share is a place where you can share your photos.

By allowing submissions through Flickr, Facebook and Twitter I think I have made it as easy as possible for everyone to take part in this series. Simply use the links below to find the locations in which I accept submissions to the PPS series – I look forward to seeing what you’ve been clicking!

And now… This Week’s Featured Photos!

Photo By: hailinh57 on Flickr
Photo By: Winkblu on Flickr
dPS Assignment: Up Close and Personal
Photo By: Zo Nicholas on Flickr
Damsel fly on Achillea
Photo By: Beth K on Flickr
Saturday 8/11/12 Sunset

Thanks for the Submissions!

There were a ton of new photographs uploaded to the Flickr group this week, and even some new photographers joining the group! I urge everyone to check it out and see some of the many photographs that haven’t made their appearence here on PPS. Maybe even join the group and share your own shots?

Remember without you this series wouldn’t be possible so keep on clicking and keep on sharing your shots with me and I’ll keep this series going.

Now, if you like the PPS series, please click the like button at the top of this page, or send out a tweet, the more people that see this series the more eyes these great photographs will get and they certainly deserve it!


  1. WinkBlu

    Thanks for including my shot in this week’s photo share! I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. John Davenport Post author

    No problem! Thank you for sharing it – Though spiders do creep me out quite a bit lol!