Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #31

Welcome again to another week of photographs from around the Phogropathy community! Do you want to share your own shots with me? Here’s how!

Each week I take the time to go through all the photographs that have been shared with me and I feature four of my favorites right here on the site. I hope that this series will bring the readers of Phogropathy together as a community and inspire you to get out and start capturing your own moments in time.

This week I felt like sharing some of the recent black and white photos submitted to the group. I usually don’t do themes, and this wasn’t really announced, but if you would enjoy a theme from time to time let me know in the comments and I’ll work on creating some!

Black and White Photo Share – #31

Photo By: NightSkyMN
Lone Shoe
Photo By: Ranjith Mehenderkar on Flickr
At the subway, almost scraped the Metro!
Photo By: Winkblu on Flickr
Photo By: Ranjith Mehenderkar on Flickr
Waited a long for the two hands to meet at 12

Thanks for Your Submissions!

This series is all about the readers of this website and without your continued support it can not happen. I urge everyone to not only share your photos with me using the methods listed above, but to also share this post with anyone who might want to take part in the series.