Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #32

So I’ve been thinking.

Phogropathy’s Photo Share has been going on for quite a while now and has attracted hundreds of fans, almost 1,000 submitted photos on Flickr alone, and is one of the most shared and viewed posts on Phogropathy every week. Of course, I own all of this to you! So I want your help in making the PPS series better and more interesting as we continue to move forward.

Two Ideas I’d Like to Try

  • Themed Posts – I’d work to find great photographs on Flickr that fit into a certain theme, style or subject matter and share an “inspiration post” on Saturday. You’d have a week to come up with your own versions of these photographs and share them as usual, then the following Saturday a new inspirational post will be published covering a new theme for you to work on, and finally on Sunday as usual, the photo share will take place with four photographs from the previous challenge.
  • Editing Challenges – I’ve been wondering if anyone would like to put their editing skills to the test. I can set up a situation where I’d share some high-resolution RAW files of my own (or maybe even work out a situation where a reader would want to share their own) with anyone who’s interested. From there you’d each submit your own edited version of those photographs using whatever software you’d want to use. Again I’d share my four favorites on the site.

I’d love to hear your opinion on these two options in the comments below, or even share your own ideas for adding some interest and diversity to this series. I know it’s not the same as simply sharing the photographs that you’ve taken, but challenging ourselves to do specific tasks does help to improve and grow our skills as photographers.

Of course, whatever happens to the series, I still enjoy seeing all these photographs and you’re more than welcome to continue sharing any photographs you like with me on Facebook, Flickr or even in my Share Your Shots forum here on Phogropathy!

And Now – PPS #32

Photo By: Lynette Blecha Photography
Photo By: NightSkyMN
Park Point Sunrise
Photo By: chris.ashwin
Waddington 2012-0053-Edit
Photo By: chrisjohnson2012
bodie car looking through the windshield

Thanks for Submitting!

I always like to take a minute and remember to thank everyone for their submissions, even if you aren’t featured on this site, I do look at your photos and I enjoy flipping through all of them – It’s one of my favorite things to do on Sunday morning. Don’t forget to share!