Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – #23

Welcome, once again, to the weekly segment here on Phogropathy where my readers get to be in the spotlight. If you’re new to the Phogropathy’s Photo Share series it’s basically a weekly series I run every Sunday in which I share some of my favorite photographs that have been submitted to my flickr group or shared with Phogropathy on Facebook and Twitter.

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And now… week twenty-three of Phogropathy’s Photo Share!

Phogropathy’s Photo Share – Week #23

Photo By: Jaroslav Laube on Facebook
Old Shoes Photos
Photo By: Mihnea C on Flickr
Haystack and hills
Photo By: jlrminer on Flickr
Liberty Lake
Photo By: Beth K on Flickr
My bee challenge of the day shot 1 of 2

Thanks for the Submissions Everyone!

As always this is a small sample of some of the photos that have been submitted to the various places linked at the top of this post. Check out the Flickr Group as it has received the most submissions so far and is the easiest one for you to browse through, but feel free to submit your own photographs in any of the manners listed above!

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Not only will you be helping out the photographers featured in today’s post, but you’ll be helping to attract new photographers to the series which will help ensure that I continue to get enough submissions to keep this series alive week after week.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photo share – I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!