Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – Week 1

As many of you found out in my February newsletter as well as those who read this post I have created a Flickr group for the readers of Phogropathy. The idea behind this group is so that this little photo blog can create a place for all its readers to share and learn together. I’m already impressed with the first week’s submissions and can’t wait to see what you all come up with next week!

In the first week there were 29 photos submitted to the group and what a selection – you folks are awesome! It’s always hard to narrow it down, and I wish I could share them all on the website, but then again part of the fun is creating that challenge of getting into the spotlight right?

Here are some of the shots I liked this week! Keep submitting photos and maybe you could be featured here next week! 🙂

Photograph by – DragonflyLady65

Pictures 1 078

Photograph by – Carazy89


Photograph by – Mihnea C

Boat on the Nile, Egypt

Photograph by – Jckhickey54

Mandy 1-24-12

View the entire group now and start submitting your own today! Next week’s selection is only a week away!

I’d also like to mention the fact that this is a group for sharing not critiquing so please keep that in mind when leaving comments. Thank you 🙂