Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – Week 3

Hello everyone! It’s time again for another one of Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo shares! This is something that I do each week allowing my readers to take the spot light for a bit and showcase some of their work.

This past week saw a record number of submissions pushing the total group pool very close to 100 submitted photographs, if you haven’t looked through the group do so now and see what other readers of are shooting!

Each week I take some time to go through all the new photographs and I pick out four of my favorites to showcase here. While I’d love to showcase every photograph submitted on the blog, there’s just not enough room, plus this adds that little bit of fun to the whole thing doesn’t it?

Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – Week 3

Photograph by – Loomie34
all you need is love<3

Photograph by – Lainetorres

Photograph by – Beth K
Stop,look and see the beauty,  it's all around us !

Photograph by – S.R. NAIR

There were so many awesome shots this week it was hard to pick just four – I also have an honorable mention to another shot which you can see right here – I wanted to mention this shot specifically for the model’s dedication – must’ve been a very dedicated girl to get out in the snow like that and still have a smile on her face!

I’d like to thank everyone for their submissions and can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table for week four! Remember, if you didn’t get featured this week you can keep submitting up to five shots a week and every Sunday is another chance to see your shot right here on the blog!

Start submitting shots today!


  1. Fan Lucy Pope

    They are all great pictures. I am most struck by the Monet, impressionist sort of photo/art by Beth K. Thank you for this lovely, interesting site.