Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – Week 5

Hello everyone! It’s time again for another one of Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo shares! This is something that I do each week allowing my readers to take the spot light for a bit and showcase some of their work.

Each week I take some time to go through all the new photographs and I pick out four of my favorites to showcase here. While I’d love to showcase every photograph submitted on the blog, there’s just not enough room, plus this adds that little bit of fun to the whole thing doesn’t it?

While I am only able to showcase four photographs here on the blog each week since starting this series there have been over 160 amazing shots uploaded to the pool if you haven’t checked it out do so now and see what other readers of are shooting! (Don’t forget to leave some kind comments and/or favorite the shots you like!)

Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – Week 5

Photograph by: Beth K
Seagul on Ice
Photograph by: Mihnea C
Photograph by: Loomie34
I only miss you when I'm breathing.
Photograph by: *-ishtar-*
Field work

One of the things I like most about this segment on is the diversity of which the photographs submitted cover. However, I was wondering what everyone out there who participates thinks – Would you like a more regimented theme each week? (i.e. – Photograph reflections or leading lines or bokeh or black and white etc.) Or do you like the freestyle submission process that is currently in place?

If there’s enough demand for specific themed weeks I can start throwing in a couple each month after all it is a good way to motivate yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Anyways, it’s just a thought, please comment below and let me know what you think.

Of course, don’t forget that you too can submit your photographs, simply head over to the Flickr Group and start adding your photographs today!


  1. Dean

    Hmm…. I think you can probably keep this free style weekly photo sharing and have a themed photo sharing once a month as a start.

  2. John Davenport Post author

    Yeah I figured that’d be the case, as it’s definitely easier, plus the following is still fairly small so I wouldn’t want to make things so regimented that it takes away from the experience. Thanks for the input Dean! 🙂