[POLL] What Mode Do You Shoot in Most Often?

For me, shutter priority is almost never used, my camera is either in aperture priority mode or manual mode depending on my mood and the subject I am trying to photograph.

which mode do you photograph in most?

Aperture priority gives me the most control over depth of field and I can achieve faster or slower shutter speeds by playing with the ISO and exposure compensation settings of the camera. If I need a specific shutter speed or if I can’t get the camera to give me what I want in aperture priority mode I’ll switch into manual to capture the seen how I envision it being captured.

What about you?

Which mode do you find yourself in most? Are you trying to experiment with learning a new mode? Take the poll and leave your thoughts below!

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  1. James Harvey

    I use program but I use the program shift feature to rapidly change settings for the effect I want. When I use A or S, sometimes I forget to swap it back and miss a few shots. I can and do use all modes when needed, but for me, using the program shift works best.

  2. Beth DeBor

    I use aperture mostly because I get the best results but I’m trying to practice using shutter. I’ve never really figured out program mode.

  3. Aj

    i always use manual mode….for photographs as desired….