Storm Clouds

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Daily Photo – Storm Clouds

Storm clouds

This photograph was a nice little surprise when I got back to my computer to process the shot. I’d originally shot this much wider than this particular crop, but as I was editing this photo, I noticed this tighter crop within the frame and decided to see how it’d look.

When I first started photographing I kept hearing how cropping is bad and that you shouldn’t do it. That you should make sure your ‘get it right in camera’ instead of relying on the crutch that is cropping. Well sure, that’s the ideal solution, but cropping isn’t bad. Especially now that cameras are starting to capture such high resolution photographs, but more so because it helps you learn.

Don’t be afraid to crop your photograph and experiment with different framings of a shot. Eventually you’ll be able to see these photos within a photo through your viewfinder, but you have to learn somewhere, and there’s no better place to learn how to frame a shot than behind your computer.


  1. md

    This image is fantastic! Very impressive and powerful