Summertime… Sunset

First Themed Photo Share – “Summertime” – Coming June 24th

Get your Photos in Now

On June 24th I’ll be showcasing photographs related to the summertime theme here on What makes you think of summer? To me it’s ice-cold beer, sprinklers, sandy beaches, and the grill, but of course there are many other things that fall under this category so there should be a lot of stuff to share and an extremely diverse group of photographs.

The rest is the same as any other photo share – so if you’ve been on the fence about sharing photographs then here’s your chance to shine!

New Ways to Share

Okay, so as you know the Flickr group has been the exclusive place for Phogropathy’s Photo Share photos and while I’d still like the majority to be submitted here (just makes it easy) I understand not everyone has a Flickr account. Therefore I’m opening the Photo Shares to two new networks – Facebook and Twitter – Here’s how to go about sharing on each of those.

How to share on…

  • Facebook – Simply add a photograph to Phogropathy’s timeline. Mention it’s for the photo share when you post it or in the comment of the photo so that I’m aware.
  • Twitter – Send a tweet to @phogropathy with your photo attached use #PhogropathyPhotoShare to help others find them!

Thanks so much for the continued growth of this series and good luck to seeing your photographs on my site!

Daily Photo – Summertime… Sunset

summertime sunset
I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through the archives as I spent the week sharing photographs I took last summer. I really enjoyed seeing the shots I took last year, how far I’ve come as a photographer, and of course how much I’ve improved behind the computer processing shots.

I have thousands of photographs on my hard drive and considering today’s post will be the 458th on there’s still plenty left for you to see.

Thanks for being awesome – Have a great weekend!

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