Sunset on Point Judith

I had a couple hours yesterday and was able to start the slog through the over 400 images that I captured over the weekend from the Cliff Walk and from Sunset on Point Judith. I can’t wait to share these photographs with you over the next several days, and there’s no time better than to start now, with one of my early favorites!

Daily Photo – Sunset on Point Judith

Point Judith Sunset, Narragansett RI
The number one rule when photographing landscapes of places you’ve never visited before is to arrive early. You want to make sure that you’re able to scout the scene and plan your shots well before the sun goes down. I use an app for my phone, which I highly recommend, called LightTrac which lets me see exactly where (and when) along the horizon the sun will rest for the day and this helps me in my planning.

Point Judith is a beautiful outcropping on Rhode Island’s coast line no more than an hour from Providence and one of the few areas in New England where you can capture a decent sunset angle year round as it’s one of the few areas with western ocean views.

The above shot was captured using my Tokina 11-16mm lens at f/11 with my Hoya ND filter to increase the exposure time up to 8 seconds. The long exposure time lets the rough ocean wash along the coast line which creates almost a misty look to the water.

I used Lightroom 4 for most of my edits and added a little more color and detail in Topaz Adjust. I then masked the ocean to brighten it up a bit as Topaz has a tendency to darken some areas unnecessarily.

I hope you liked the photo and the brief walkthrough of my workflow. I’m planning to do a more detailed YouTube video of one or more of these photographs when I get the time so you can see exactly how I transformed the image. Thanks for visiting!