Sunset over the Boardwalk

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I’ve created a place for all the awesome Phogropathy readers to get together and share their photos as well as being able to create discussion topics for tips and other photography topics. I felt the easiest way to go about doing this was to create a simple Flickr Group as I felt that most photographers already have an account on Flickr and the group function offers a lot of the same functionality as a dedicated forum would.

Each week I’ll be picking some of my favorite photographs to promote here on Phogropathy as well as over on my Facebook Page. I truly believe sharing other people’s shots is a worth while experience for everyone. With this group we can all learn from each other! Start submitting photos today!

Sunset over the Boardwalk

Earlier this week I shared a different shot from this very same sunset. The colors changed so much and so fast that there were a lot of great colors that I was able to take from this scene.

At the same time, this shot was processed a bit differently as well, which is another way to create different looks in the same scene. Adding a little warmth or a little cooling to a shot can really bring out the different colors in the spectrum and create different feels in the final photograph.

So which one do you like better?


  1. christian

    Hey John, great capture! I love this setting. Where is it? I found you online and work close by. (just joined your group on flickr, i’ll add some stuff soon.

  2. John Davenport Post author

    This was taken at Stony Brook in Norfolk MA. It’s a tiny little nature reserve great for walking around and shooting some pictures. Glad to hear you’ve joined the Flickr group can’t wait to see some of your shots! 🙂

  3. David

    I prefer the composition on the other shot and the processing on this one. The path leading out of frame draws my eye away from the sunset although it has a nice mysterious element that you could bring out a bit more for a different look.

  4. John Davenport Post author

    Thanks for the comment David! I really did like the mysteriousness of the path leading away from the sunset into the woods. I couldn’t really frame this path to lead into the sunset, but what I did was tried to place the corner at the sunset – Thus the path leads you to the sunset and then takes you off into the woods. At least that was my thought process when I framed the shot.

    At first I did wish that the path went all the way into the sunset, but I kind of like this a bit more (in my opinion of course) it’s less cliche in that the path does take you away from the focal point.

    Anyways – Thanks for the comment I’m glad you liked the processing and I hope you’ll be back again 🙂

  5. Jenessa

    Hey John, I was going to join your group on Flickr, but it says that you have to like Phogropathy on Facebook. I am an anti Facebook person, so I guess no Flickr group for me.

  6. Brent Bellamy

    I’m a fan of HDR, so my choice is this photo…both are great but I have to tip my hat to this one!!

  7. John Davenport Post author

    To be honest you’re welcome to join in if you want there’s no way I will know if you’re on Facebook or not. If you read the blog you’re a fan of Phogropathy so feel free to share your shots. Just know that if your photos are selected as winners they’ll be shared on Facebook.

  8. Maha

    Just popped over from DPS. This is a beautiful picture! I love the colors and the quality of the wood path – almost like it’s got a painted/realistic look to it (I don’t know how else to describe it). The picture has nice composition too. Even though there are a few elements your eye moves to, I feel like the path is the primary one and everything else compliments and frames it. And the cloud formation and color is outstanding. I can see why this might be one of your favorites. Nice work!

  9. John Davenport Post author

    Thanks Maha – Glad you liked it! You know it’s not the first time it’s be described as looking like a realistic painting. I kind of like that description 🙂