The Beach in February

I’ve added a “Pin it” Button

You’ll notice above each post here on a new button allowing you to “pin” the photographs you love! I’m hoping that for those of you who are already on Pinterest to start using it on your favorite photographs. In fact, maybe even take a moment today and browse through the recent shots here on the site, or look through the “Popular Posts” listed to the left hand side of each page and pin a few of your favorites!

The main purpose of me asking you to do this is so that I can make sure it works as it’s supposed to on as many different browers and systems as possible. So if you find something that didn’t work quite as planned please let me know in a comment below! Thanks 🙂

Daily Photo – The Beach in February

The Beach in February

So I have a confession to make – I’ve been struggling with a cold lately and haven’t been out to photograph anything new in over a week! It’s starting to really get to me and it’s also starting to deplete my archives of unprocessed photos!

However, I am finally starting to feel better, and I’m hopeful to have some free time tonight to get some new shots for you all. Even with my cold I am pleased with myself in that I’ve managed to keep the flow of photographs coming to all of you as after all that is my main goal!

I just hope you’re not getting too sick of the same scenes ;).

As always thanks for visiting – I hope you’ll return to Phogropathy soon!