The Creepy South Carolina Spider

I love photographing anything and everything, but sometimes what I photograph is one of those things that just creeps me out. I don’t know what it is, but these eight-legged things give me the shivers! That however doesn’t stop me from framing and clicking the shutter button, especially when I’ve got a decent zoom lens attached to my camera.

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Today’s Photo – The Creepy South Carolina Spider

Creepy South Carolina Spider
In South Carolina they have an area called “The Great Swamp Sanctuary” and it’s basically a protected area swamp that has a boardwalk allowing easy access to the natural world without getting your feet wet. It’s still in development and in a few years they’ll have placards telling you what various things are, but at this time it’s really up to you to find and identify things on your own.

This spider was just hanging out waiting for food to get snagged in the web she’d created. This web, which was created between two trees, was probably close to two feet in diameter and the spider seemed to be about the size of my fist!

In general I’ve always been a little creeped out by these 8-legged creatures and in New England they’re typically no bigger than a quarter. When I could see this thing from 20 yards away I knew it was like no spider I’d ever seen before.

However, after quickly researching it online this appears to be a fairly common Garden Spider of some sorts. (If that’s wrong feel free to correct me.)


  1. Brandon

    awesome shot! I’m from SC and these things definitely are common – we always called them Banana Spiders.