The Remains of an Old Fence

As we continue this week of photographs from my visit to the Scituate beach house I will also continue to ask you some questions – Did you miss yesterday’s question – If so visit this link?

How many cameras do you own? How many lenses?

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Daily Photo – The Remains of an Old Fence

waves crash over post scituate beach

Can you believe that there used to be a fence where these posts stand? I’ve also heard that it’s possible that this wasn’t a fence at all, but the remains of some of the support stilts that used to hold the house, until it was moved back away from the tide.

Over the years of Nor’Easters and hurricanes the ocean front properties have see some drastic changes. I can’t even imagine what goes through the minds of the home owners when a storm is on the way up the coast – must be a stressful period of time for them!

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  1. Jenessa

    I have 3 cameras, two point & shoot cameras, and my dslr. One point & shoot is waterproof, and the other one is much better in terms of the lens and aperture.
    For the dslr I have a 12-60mm, a 50mm, a 150mm, a 70-300mm, and a 1.4 teleconverter.

  2. John Davenport Post author

    Nice collection Jenessa… I want to get a waterproof point and shoot I think that could be a lot of fun to play around with. At the moment I just use my iPhone for P&S photography and my DSLR for the rest.

    I also tend to travel pretty light and most of my photographs are shot with my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 – Love them wide angle shots!