The Yellow Butterfly Revisited

Hey everyone, so this post is actually going to be a fairly quick one.

There I was, all packed up, ready to shut my computer off and head to my parent’s house to spend the night so I can get a ride to the airport in the morning. I was doing my final tweaks, and run through of the post schedule for the week and lone behold Sunday didn’t have a single thing written for it! I’d completely forgotten about it!

Now I could have taken Sunday off, I mean after all it is ‘the day of rest’ right? But, I just couldn’t leave you without anything to read! Even if it was just for one little day.

In the limited time I had to find a shot, process it, and upload it as well as write a little something about it I immediately thought about The Yellow Butterfly. This post was my highest traffic post of all time at Phogropathy and I thought that maybe you all would like to see another one of the shots I took that very same day of the very same butterfly.

I know it’s not anything original or new, but I guess you can let me know which shot you liked better.

So without any further ramblings here  you go!