Thin Ice!

Hi folks – It’s a new year and lots of new challenges and opportunities await us in 2013 – I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. The first major addition to Phogropathy in the new year premiers next Tuesday on my YouTube channel. Read all about my new “Let’s Edit” series today and get ready to start learning how to edit photographs in Lightroom like me.

Daily Photo – Thin Ice

Warning. Thin Ice!

Over the weekend I did manage to get myself up and out of bed after our first snowstorm of the season to grab some sunrise photographs of the fresh powder.

After driving all the way to the location I started pulling my gear out of my car and realized, my tripod was sitting at home leaning up against my bookcase. Handheld sunrise photography was the name of the game for this outing and it actually enabled me to do something that I often struggle with when I do carry my tripod – Get more compositions!

Today’s photograph was one of the first shots I grabbed. I set my camera up on a picnic table and was able to get what I thought was actually a pretty interesting composition. I hope you enjoyed this photograph – thank you for stopping by!