Trees Over the River

I’m happy to report that I have made it through Sandy unscathed. My heart goes out to all those in areas devastated by the storm some of the images coming in on the news are just simply jaw dropping…

Trees Over the River

While I was walking around the Blackstone River area Sunday morning I found this area where three or four trees were just growing right out the side of the shore and overhanging into the river. Will they be there when I return after Sandy has her way with the area?

This area was actually a lot of fun to photograph and I think that there are a few more angles that I’d like to try so I’m hoping that Sandy isn’t too rough on it.

For this shot I was using an ND filter and a really small aperture (f/22) to create the longest exposure I could possibly get – I hope you like it.

To all my fans in the path of Sandy I hope you’re doing okay – we’re almost through the worst of it.