Two Trees and a Bridge

Happy Saturday friends!

I have so much planned for March and April that it’s going to be extremely tough to keep up with everything. That being said I’m up for the challenge.

First things first I’ll be making sure to keep all the important aspects of this blog alive – from Daily Photos, to Weekly Photo Shares, to connecting with various other photographers on Facebook and Twitter!

However, behind the scenes I’ll be hard at work trying to complete my eBook for all of you detailing my first year as a photographer and photoblogger by the end of April. I’m also working on some “Editing with Phogropathy” posts/Youtube videos that I’m looking to finish sometime later this month.

Thanks for your continued support – Each like/tweet/share/comment and visit motivates me to keep growing myself as a photograph and as a blogger. I wouldn’t be here without you and I thank you for that!

Daily Photo – Two Trees and a Bridge

Two trees and a Bridge

Earlier this week I posted a color version of this shot, but like many of my photographs, I like to see how they look in black and white. There’s always something to be said about the ability of desaturation and how it can completely change the mood of a photograph.

I hope you like this week’s black and white conversion and hopefully you’ll be back again soon!