Up Against the Wall

Happy Friday everyone – Who’s playing the $540 million dollar Mega-Millions Jackpot today? I’ve got my ticket and my fingers are crossed.

Daily Photo – Up Against The Wall

Up Against the Wall

I hope everyone liked this series of shots from my first time shooting a model I know I had a lot of fun taking them! Now I’d like to hear from all of you in a simple survey. (If you haven’t seen all the shots, or want a second look, here are links to the other three – Not Your Typical Phogropathy Photo, Live, Love and Laugh your Way Through Life, Beauty in Chaos.

And Now a Simple Survey (Answer in the Comment Section)

  1. Did you like this series?
  2. Which of the four shots was your favorite?
  3. Would you like to see more?

Thank you so much for your answers I’m really curious as to how people feel about this!


  1. Bill Shepard

    Lovely model and composition!

    I loved the series
    My favorites are between this one and Beauty in Chaos
    And yes I’d love to see more!

    Thanks for posting keep up the great work!

  2. Zack

    Awesome image! Love the tones and the lighting! Great work 🙂