Using Lightroom’s Radial Filter

Having recently upgraded to Lightroom 5 I wanted to spend some time looking at the new tools that the software offers. This week’s Let’s Edit focuses on using the Radial Filter tool.


The Radial Filter tool can be found in the cluster of icons below the histogram – it’s the circle to the left of the adjustment brush tool. When selected you will have a handful of new sliders opened to you for adjustments as well as a feathering control and an inverse filter effect.

To apply a filter simply drag into the image where you want it and use the sizing points to size and shape the filter as desired. You can move the filter around by grabbing it and you can rotate it by hovering outside the filter and waiting for the dual arrow rotation icon to appear.

Checking the inverse filter box changes how the effects are applied from outside in, to inside out, which gives you some great control over where and how you want the filter to work. For even more customization try using two or more radial filters to achieve truly interesting results.

Watch the video below for a hands on look at using the Radial Filter in Lightroom 5.

Using Lightroom’s Radial Filter Tool


  1. Richard Depinay

    I use the radial filter ALL the time. Yes, this crash about it, and even the reason why I upgraded to Lightroom 5.
    Sometimes, I will even purposely underexpose the picture, to then bring back the light where and only where I want you to look at, using the radial filter.
    Here is an example of a picture I took: