Waterfall Wednesday – A Small Cascade

Finally found some time and motivation to get out and photograph last night’s sunset! It felt so good to pull the camera out and get back behind the viewfinder again – now I’ve just got to find the time and motivation to process those photos for you…. hmm.

This week’s Waterfall – A Small Cascade

Last week I shared with you March Cataract Falls which, due to it’s seclusion, is one of my favorite finds to date. Of course, part of that seclusion requires a moderately difficult hike up and down fairly steep hills. To make up for this long hike however, along the way to the final show, there are close to half a dozen of these little cascades flowing down the side of the mountain. While I’m almost positive that if it wasn’t for Hurricane Irene’s soaking these falls wouldn’t be there, it’s nice to know that they’ll exist in higher water seasons like early spring.

Hope you like this shot!

Small Cascade

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  1. A.Barlow

    Love your Wed shots. We actually have some small falls like this near me but they are so ephemeral you never know when a rain will run the right away. Yer lucky sir!

  2. John Davenport Post author

    Thanks Aaron! I love these shots too I just hope I can get out a couple more times before all things freeze up and it becomes too dangerous to hike.