What Exactly is iPhoneography Anyway?

There’s this crazy thing happening in the world of photography – it’s becoming mobile! The iPhone and other smartphones not only have the ability to create unique looking photographs, but they can instantly share them to the world with a few taps on the screen.

But, is iPhoneography diminishing the photography industry? Is it really photography or is it something else?

In the coming weeks I’ll go through a few of the benefits of iPhoneography as well as some of the reasons there is some resistance to accept it as anything more than snapshot fun. For today, I’ll just give you a quick overview of iPhoneography along with some sample photographs that I’ve taken and edited using my own iPhone 4S.

What is iPhoneography?

iPhone 4S Sample Photograph

Ever since the iPhone 4 was introduce by Apple in the summer of 2010 it changed the way we thought about camera phones. The camera on the iPhone 4 wasn’t the largest (megapixel wise) on the market in a smartphone, but the quality of this camera’s photographs was unbelievable.

It was arguably the first camera-phone capable of competing with your entry-level point and shoot camera and seeing as we always seem to have our phones on hand it quickly became the most popular camera on Flickr and Facebook.

The iPhone 4 really created a new breed of photography – iPhoneography – which Apple only improved upon the following year with the iPhone 4S’s 8MP camera with a faster aperture and even better image quality! I can’t wait to see what they bring to the camera in the iPhone 5 (to be announced very shortly).

Apps Make iPhoneography More Fun

iPhone 4S Sample Photograph

It’s no secret that the iPhone has created a whole new industry with it’s iOS software. Instagram just sold for One Billion (with a B) dollars to Facebook. People want to not only take photographs with their phones, but they want to be able to edit and share them as well and new camera apps seem to pop up as frequently as new versions of Angry Birds.

My Personal Favorite iPhone Photography Apps

We will cover each of these apps in a bit more detail in future posts, but in general these are the apps that I use most often when photographing with my iPhone or editing photos on my iPhone/iPad.

These apps are all great and serve their purpose in the iPhone photography app pile and as I mentioned I’ll be covering them in more detail in the future.

However, if you simply can’t wait and have to get get just one app for your iPhone right now I’d highly recommend Snapseed – You can read my early review here – But remember I’ll be publishing a new one in the coming weeks!

iPhoneography and Accessories

iPhone Sample Image

While I don’t currently own any of the accessories for my own iPhone camera there are tons of them available. From lenses to tripods which enable you to turn iPhone into quite the camera. We will be covering some of the more popular add-ons in the future, once I get my hands on a few to try out, and I’ll let you know what I think.

So Does iPhonography=Photography?

I mean you are capturing images, you are editing them how you so choose and they are certainly printable at least in smaller sizes. Sure it’s not a giant DSLR with a full frame sensor and it’s most likely not going to capture photographs that can be printed 20×30, you’ll still have issues with noise in low light, and there’s going to be other issues as well.

Of course, the majority of the iPhone photographers are people simply looking to remember a moment in time. They are looking to create something cool to share on Facebook and Instagram to show their friends.

To me iPhoneography is a new and exciting branch of the photography industry and does not diminish anything, it simply adds to the creative outlet that is photography. In fact – I think embracing this camera could help expand your skill as a photographer. What do you think?

Do You iPhoneography?

Do you take photographs with your iPhone – what are your favorite apps? Share some of your personal favorite pictures below and please share which apps you’ve used to edit the photo. And if you’d like to voice your opinion on this subject contact me and I’d gladly feature you on my site!