Winter in New England [Before & After]

It’s time for another quick before and after example. These are a lot of fun to show as I think a lot of the time it helps to see exactly where the final product started in order to visualize what manipulations I’ve done in post production.

Daily Inspiration – Winter in New England

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This photograph was taken last year and in my mind really captures the theme of winter in New England. I’d gone out shortly after a fresh snow during sunrise and as I was waiting for the sun to rise the moon was setting on the western sky.



As you’ll notice from the before image, this was once again a fairly underexposed shot to start with. To bring it back to life I increased the exposure and shadows sliders added some clarity and sharpness and played around with the saturation.

Finally, in Photoshop, I cloned out a distracting bunch of shrubbery in the foreground which is barely visible in the underexposed image, but completely distracting from the shot when corrected in Lightroom.


  1. potterpals

    Wow, what a difference! I probably would have just deleted it thinking it would be way too noisy to save. Nice work.