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Adobe Exclusively CC Now

Discussion in 'Software Tools' started by John Davenport, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Hmmm... I had gotten my first year of CC (LR and Photoshop) for $8/month, but now I'm paying the standard $10/month.
    I could probably get by with just Lightroom for almost everything, and I see that the standalone is still available on Amazon for $143. From one perspective, then, I could do the $10/month subscription, and that would be a better deal over the first 14 months plus I would have Photoshop. Previously, I only upgraded every 2 or 3 years, so over the course of 5 years, I would have paid, say, $250or so. With the standalone program, at the end of 5 years, then, I would have an old version of just LR but only out $250. I would probably have had to buy Photoshop Elements, at least, so that's another $100, which brings me to $350. With the subscription, I would have the latest LR and PS, but I'll have paid 12 x 10 x 5 = $600.
    >> It's clear why the subscription model works better for Adobe, but it isn't totally out of line.
    BTW, here's the link to getting 1st year at $7.99/month (through CNET/Download.com)
  2. This cost only works for US based customers. The price changes depending on the country in which the purchaser resides and varies according to the exchange rate. In Australia this translates to Au$9.59.
  3. But $600/5 years is really not that bad when you think about how much cameras, lenses, tripods, computers, and printing your photos costs over this same time period. If you're heavily investing in photography it's probably one of the smallest expenses out there, it's just not as exciting to think about paying for something every month for F-O-R-E-V-E-R :)
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  4. The subscription started off at AUD 999 a month but has now increased and extra dollar per month.
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