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Canada Trip!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Breezy, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Graham My friend here has a Fuji and the shots from that camera are fantastic. As much as I love my Sony I couldn't afford the Fuji. He is now thinking about a third Fuji, this time full frame. If you are thinking about Olympus/Sony then my personal choice is the Sony. Lynne has an Olympus OMD EM-10, which is quite good and sharp but I find the Sony easier to operate.
  2. I suppose not. Have a look at the shots he's taken with the Nikon 1; for wildlife and birding, it's inspirational.

    Perhaps you should ask the members, I know quite a few use Sony/Olympus - a poll could work.
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  3. All three are good cameras graham
    Ron has a Sony a6000 Don Ellen and Keith I have an Olympus it is good but I find it hard to operate Fuji is top of the range very expensive I would ask those that have them and have a go of them then I would choose that would be my advice
  4. Those are certainly insprational, some better than I can achieve with a DSLR! Of course they are small images on the web where even cameraphone images can look good so I need to think this through. By using an adapter on a Nikon1 I can use any of my Nikon glass too. Oh dear.......more to think about.
  5. I am sure you will come up with the right camera. Just don't do what I did when we went to NZ, bought the Sony and studied it up and then left it in Australia. That's how Lynne came to get an Olympus.
  6. Sorted...... My bro is going to lend me a Fuji XE2 with 18-55 plus a 55-200 lenses! That should lighten the load and will let me check out Fuji at the same time. Just need to spend the weekend with Mrs B now planning an itinerary.
  7. Oh dear.....Did you get it back?
  8. Yes Graham I bought the Sony a month before we left, Caught the train to Melbourne the day before we left. A friend picked us up to take us to the motel. Cut a long story short I left it in his car but didn't realise until we were at the airport and no time for him to get it to me before we left. He decided to post it on but Qantas wouldn't take it because it had a battery in it. 5 weeks later it finally arrived back at home. Consequently we bought the Olympus in NZ.
  9. Thats daft of Qantas. Safest place for the battery is in the camera where the contacts cant short.
  10. As I said it took 5 weeks, Do you think I wasn't wondering where the camera was while we were in NZ? It got home a week before we did.
  11. I think the glass is the heavy part. Glad to see you're sorted with a camera. The other option is to hire glass in Canada & take your body.;)
  12. Mmmmmm hadnt thought of that.........
  13. Thanks Ron. They are hard tocapture, but great just to be out there with them
    @Breezy Float plane was taken with a 10 year old P&S.
    I had my old Canon Kiss3 (500d equivalent) and most photos were with a $400 18-270mm Tamron I bought in Banff as I got sick of changing lenses. IMHO if you worry too much about the gear, you will forget to "see" what you are photographing & enjoy the holiday!
    We didn't actually go up in this one, but one in Alaska, and yes they are a great experience.
  14. You are correct of course. Ive given some thought to doing away with any interchangeable kit and taking a decent bridge camera as the point is more about keeping memories than making technically great shots.
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  15. Stellar images Peter and, given recent whale watching boat accidents it also looks much safer.

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