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Photo Share Full Frontal

Discussion in 'Share Your Shots' started by Peter, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. For those who saw John's King Parrot, here is one I took a few years ago showing the front view.

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  2. Nice one Peter.
  3. Ia that a wild bird? Just noticed the ladies hand in the photo.
  4. Incredible colour.
  5. It's at a place called O'Reilly's here in QLD and whilst technically not caged, they are everywhere due to the tourists feeding etc. and probably rely on this as opposed to their normal lifestyle. They also have a Bird's of Prey show which is where my older Owl & Eagle shots mainly came from.
    Link here https://oreillys.com.au/
    .... and some more obvious photos.

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  6. The birds are much more colorful than the touristas ;=)
    Nice shot of the King.
  7. I'll keep trying to get this wild bird but unless he's feeding he's very flighty.
  8. Love the colour and the birds but am sorry people are encouraged to feed them so often. What happens if/when the company goes bust? Still I checked out the resort and it looks lovely except for the feeding. I'm glad Graham IDd the ladies hand; a second look confirmed that it was indeed her thumb; first glance rather freaked me out.:eek:;)
  9. @John S "but unless he's feeding he's very flighty."

    Kudus to you, Peter for getting a great front capture. A very colourful parrot. Your last shot's got nice bokeh - would've worked for last month's challenge.

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