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Please Read General Overview

Discussion in 'How to use this forum' started by John Davenport, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Welcome to PhoGro - this post will serve as a general overview of the forums we have here and what is expected of the members.


    It should go without saying - but I'll say it anyway - generally it is expected that people are kind to one another. This doesn't mean we have to agree on everything, but rather, that if you disagree please do so politely, and in a constructive way that makes your point more powerful than a simple disagreement. Abusive, consistently negative, and harmful people will not be tolerated.

    The Forums

    General Forums - These three forums are where I will announce things that are important for PhoGro members to be aware of, where basic getting started guides like this one will reside, and where you and other members can talk to one another about photography related topics.

    Photo Sharing and Review - Here is where you'll share your photographs for either praise (share your shots) or review (image review). You'll also take part in Monthly Challenges and Community edits here. Make sure that you're following the guidelines for each of these forums when you are using them.

    Photography Tools - to get the best photographs you need the right tools so I've broken out two forums designed specifically for people to talk about both gear and software related topics. Feel free to create your own threads, ask questions, and get answers here.

    Feedback and support - tell me what you want at PhoGro in the future. It might not be something I can add right away, but I have a running todo list and a running list of what members have asked for the more check marks a feature gets the more likely it is that I'll add it to the forum (when I have time). You can also report bugs here and find archived posts from the past.

    Image Policy

    The general rule of thumb is that what is posted on PhoGro should be considered as Safe For Work. Many people (myself included) access PhoGro from their work or family computers so I'd really like to keep the site family friendly.

    Thank you for understanding this policy!
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