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Image Review Henline Falls Wood and Rocks

Discussion in 'Image Review' started by Suz, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. I was working on these two shots when I got sidetracked with the boy in the red shorts...
    Any thoughts? I think the second one is composed better but I find I like looking at the first one more. Are the colors ok? Curious about what your eyes see. It was a high contrast day so I'm trying to do the best I can working with that.

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  2. Susan. Out of the two shots I agree with you but they are not shots I would have personally kept. Too much in them that the falls become lost in the shots.
  3. I think the falls are not the subject of these shots, as the title suggests, trees and rocks are the subject. The second shot is a bit busy. This is a case of "less is more". The falls give a second layer and complete the picture with a pleasing background. I might have used a wider aperture to blur out the falls a bit.
  4. these are nice Suz well done
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  5. I agree with you Susan, the second shot is the better composition but the colours in the first one look much more natural.
    Having said that, I think both shots are a bit of a jumble and thus not very easy on the eye.
  6. Have to agree with John on this one Suz both as to subject and remedy. Unremedied I would only keep it as a record shot to remind me to reshoot this when next in the area.
  7. Thanks All for your thoughtful comments and suggestions - I think in this case probably the best thing I could have done would have been to get farther away. However negotiating the tumble of huge boulders below wasn't an option. ..thanks much! again. It'll be interesting to see mother natures newest 'designs' when I get back there this month though I'm certain the water will be too high to try this shot again.
  8. Thinking about it, Suz, I am wondering if that is true? "the best thing.... would have been to get farther away" ? Did you try or consider doing a shallow DoF with a telephoto or macro lens - not sure how big the root was or how close - to see if you could throw the background OOF (and keep the cropped version so only the tree root fills the frame because that is where the interest lies)?
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  9. Maybe, maybe not Patricia but thank you for getting me to think on these some more. These may be shots that just speak to me and (Lynne ) and that is ok and interesting to find out. I mostly see in shapes and patterns - mother nature has an endless supply...little natural 'symphonies' . Rock, water, wood, wet, sun. I enjoy having the opportunity to put them out there for eyes to see and respond, good or bad. I intend to shoot it again at lower water and hopefully on an overcast day - I noticed the snakey limb is still wedged there when I was there this week. I will definitely play with the DOF this time as well and see what happens. :+)
  10. I think so too Keith with regards to color. Well you hit on it as for my intention - which is the jumbleyness, (I just made up that word), of all those strong elements. Thx I appreciate your sharp eye.
  11. Morning Suz: I'm sure you didn't intend it but your reply made me laugh. It reminded me of a day I was shooting in the park and a man approached, asking what I was shooting; I told him I was looking for shapes. He seemed to be very annoyed and apparently thought I was "busting him off". :rolleyes: Ah, well. Yes, shapes and patterns do have a strong draw don't they? Well, good luck with this root/branch shot; hope it stays lodge there long enough for you get the shot you want out of it. :)
  12. ...And I bet that shape was a bird Patricia ;+)
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