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Image Review Images from Nyerimilang Victoria

Discussion in 'Image Review' started by Ron, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. #1 Ron, Feb 17, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
  2. Ron, what a magnificent, well preserved house. I like shots 3, 5 & 6 for their simplicity. The wheel shots will work for the challenge too. TFS.
  3. Hopefully that walkway isn't the way to the second outhouse, ha, ha. Nicely composed and just a peek of the lake. Your metal ring shot is splendid Ron, TFS these.
  4. No Suz, That isn't the way to the second outhouse, Actually I should go back and see if I can find out what that building actually is. It is probably at the top of where the stairs from the water may have been if you read the article. It is now blocked off with a lookout over the Lake system which BTW extends from Sale to Lakes Entrance. Sale to Lakes Entrance is about 100Kms (62 miles) by road. This area is part of what is known as the 90 mile beach. The lakes system, I am told, is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether or not, that is true, I don't know.
    Rene` and Susan, Lynne has already put similar wheel and ring shots in the challenge so thought that this thread would suffice. The farm is actually a reasonable walk from the main house but the whole property is worth a couple of visits on different days and different times of the day
  5. That
    Did you laugh?
    That is a very long beach - beauty of all kinds for miles and miles- you all have the beaches in spades. The entire Oregon coast is roughly 230 - 380 miles long., (depending if you go by car or crow) Happily it is all accessible to the public.
    Looks like the area is definitely worth additional visits. :+)
  6. Susan, Not only do we have the beaches but we have the high country, where it snows in winter within two hours drive or less depending where we go, rivers, streams and beaches as well as the lakes System within les than an hour as well as the bush close by so we have it all. A very photographic region. Also at Nyerimilang we have outdoor operas once a year as well as concerts and it is a beautiful place for a picnic as well.
    Rene` No 3 is a dairy with a butter churn and separator inside, It is built with the logs interlocked and mud to seal the gaps between the logs (photos to come). We think the power plugs may have been made at the Glass House factory in Lake Tyers (which is now in ruins) a bit further east where they made Glass Insulators.
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  7. Another shot of the dairy showing the construction of the wall.
    Dairy wall construction.jpg
  8. I wouldn't mind a shilling for every time I've use a dunny just like that one.
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  9. Lovely photos. I agree with Rene about shots 3,5 and 6 being the nicest but shot 6 stands out for me. The colours and texture of the wood in the wheel really add something to the scene...
  10. Am I the only one? Like 2, and (as well as, not in stead of) all the rest.
  11. It's a technicality I know but the clock makers of days gone by would never, not ever, put the key holes in the middle of a number. The whole thing is ruined by 4 and 8.. As a photo I like it but that spoils it for me.
  12. Ah! A heritage site with non-heritage items? Too bad. But then I was attracted by the shape and colour rather than the craftsmanship and didn't even notice.
  13. Really?

    Attached Files:

  14. You've made your point:D. Probably all second rate craftsmen.:eek:
  15. Nice to see the different styles of clocks one of which we have owned in the past.
  16. Nice to see so many different styles of old clocks, some of which are very beautiful, but I do have to say, that now that the holes have been drawn to my attention I do find it like looking at a pretty woman who has a large-ish scar on her cheek(s). Still, many fine woods and lovely colours and carvings.
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