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Community Edit Island bay

Discussion in 'Community Editing' started by Crixxtachi, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Hey guys
    Sharing this shot for a bit of help/advice

    I've noticed a few of my photos have this particular defect and would like some advice on how to stop it from happening and how to correct it in photos I have already taken, preferably in lightroom or photoshop if not possible in light room.

    In the sky at the top left. don't know what its called but its a problem.

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  2. Hi Crix. To me there seems to be a line between light and dark. Is that what you are referring to?
  3. Hi Crix.
    Is it possible you are using a polarising filter on that lens? If so this will cause portions of the sky to take on a different colour. The smaller the lens the more pronounced the effect.
  4. Hey guys, no Im not using a filter and no it isnt the light and dark im referring to.
    You may need to zoom in a bit on the top to middle left side to see it at first, but once you do see it, its very obvious.
  5. Crix, the only thing I can see is a couple of stripes running down the top left almost like cloning marks. I suggest you post an enlarged section of your shot and give us a wee bit more detail re what we're looking for. At the moment it's a bit like 20 questions and we're running out of ideas.
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  6. Might be usedul to tell us what the problem is so people may be able to help?

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