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PhoGro's 2016 in Review

Discussion in 'PhoGro's Blog' started by John Davenport, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. A big THANKS to you, John.
    I discovered this site after reading one of your contributions to Digital Photography School. I clicked on a link in your article and found Phogropathy, now PhoGro. I don't know why, it's likely the positive tone you set, but I quickly appreciated the positive nature of this growing community. The best aspect for me is that it isn't dominated by photo-nerd know-it-alls. It's obvious that most of us are here because we enjoy learning how to grow our photography. You've created a great little site, one that has become an important part of my day.

    Oh, wonderful shot of you and your bride - best wishes for continued success in all you do. Thanks again - Don Barton
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  2. I believe my introduction was via a tutorial on photographing lightning, on DPS as well, and although as a community we don't all agree, it's this diversity that keeps the members engaged. There has been a lot I have learned from the interactions and find myself on line most days seeing what the community is up to.
    Thanks John, and well done on the almost six years.
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  3. Hi John, a great big thanks to you for Phogropathy now Phogro. Not exactly sure how I found it. probably through DPS. However I knew that once I got to know a few of the community that I had found a wonderful place to visit almost each day. I have learnt a lot since being here and I know that I am always thinking about how can I make this photo suitable to show you guys or what can I do with it? We have made a lot of true friends who will always be there for us and we will be there in spirit for them too. It is encouraging to read the stats of how we have grown and will continue to grow and makes me very happy to be a part of this wonderful family from all over the planet.
  4. I also noticed the site while searching DPS for LR tutorials. As the others said, thanks John, for a great photography community!

    This is more than a photography site - it's a community of diverse people from all over the world, who share a love of photography. Every monthly challenge has teached me a new tecnique and taken me out of my comfort zone. I love your accompanying blogs to the monthly challenges which provide us with guidelines and inspiration.

    Another big thanks to all the members, who are always ready to help and give constructive advise. Without PhoGro, I wouldn't have grown with leaps and bounds this year in my photography! I've grown more this year, than in the previous three years of photographing whatever took my fancy (mostly wildlife & nature).

    Keep up the good work, John. May all the PhoGro members continue participate in PhoGro and take great shots in 2017!

    As Don said, nice shot of you two!
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  5. Congratulations and thank you, John! I go to Pentax Forums for matters dealing with my equipment, but I come here for matters dealing w/ photography in general. You've helped foster a friendly and supportive community.
  6. Thank you John and the original members who encouraged an amateur photographer who rarely picked up a camera and lenses let alone submitted on a website for others to look at and give positive critique on my work It is nice to k now that their are others who have the same love of cameras and the knowledge to encourage me to try harder to improve which I have done though this site . Yes John Both Ron and I know the sleepless and stressfull times you have had to get to where we are now with many members from near and far . Please keep up the wonderful work that you have done from the humble beginnings ^
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  7. continued from above Reply 6 yrs ago .But most of all don't forget your lovely wife who is above all things be it family ,work ,or hobbies. Thankyou John for sharing a part your life with the beautiful wedding photos and your lovely dog Bella may this site and community continue to grow and prosper in 2017 .
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  8. Thanks for the support and kind words everyone. Here's to 2017!
  9. Hey John, We also would like to see what you can do with your camera now that you are back on deck. We loved the wedding photo. We are sure that everyone would love to see more wedding shots. And for Pete's sake can you change that avatar? It's almost as wild as your previous one.
  10. I plan to start taking photos again now that things have settled down. I like my avatar though. :)
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  12. It's a bird:confused:, it's a plane:confused:, n-o-o-o -, it's Super John:eek::D

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