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Photo Share Sandridge Rail Footbridge

Discussion in 'Share Your Shots' started by Don Barton, Jan 8, 2017.


Is Grumpy John right? Do you prefer less colour?

Poll closed Jan 11, 2017.
  1. Too much colour - don't like

  2. Over saturated - not my choice

  3. OK

  4. Like this

  5. Vibrant colour the way I prefer it

    0 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. John, maybe I didn't explain myself very well. I was speaking about "my perspective". And I am acknowledging that my perspective is in the minority. Naturally, I would like more members to agree with my approach, I think that is natural; but in the end, it doesn't matter. ​

    Perhaps I chose an inappropriate term. I simply wanted to catagorise those who prefer less post-processing, those whose approach to photography is, where possible, to go with the "pure" captured image. This is an understandable approach to photography, particularly where the objective is to obtain an image that represents an actual scene. This is paramount when, for example, doing wildlife photography. ​

    However, I've tried to explain that this is not my objective. I think of my style of photography more as an art rather than a scientific tool. ​

    Couldn't have said it better, John. "Viva la difference!"
  3. Thanks, Patricia.
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  4. Thanks for the info, Don.

    I like the second edit more with the sculptures & plaques less prominent. I found them distracting in your first shot.
  5. Come on lads....if you are going to use French terminoligy you have to get it right....the word is Vive and not Viva. Viva of course means pretty much the same but is Italian (and Spanish) so the term 'la' would not follow it as that is French.
    Just saying....as Im feeling in a particularly pedantic mood this morning.:):):):):)
  6. Now if we're going to get pedantic, it were me as said it, not Don.:rolleyes: Ok so we both said it but sir, sir I said it first.
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  7. You will note John, that I said "come on LADS". Rather than "come on DON or JOHN".
    You are both excused now though as I have had my first coffee of the day and my levels of pedantry have been reduced.
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  8. Given it appears (from the voting at least) that I was the only one who liked the initial photo BEFORE I looked at all the other options, I must be in the minority. I may be somewhat "unqualified" to discuss colour, but from MY perspective the only part of the first one which was a bit lacking was the sky, for the reason Don provided, unavoidable. We all try to capture what we "see", and reproduce it but we all see things differently (I am qualified to comment here) and this isn't always the obvious for everyone.
    Nice post Don.:)
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  9. Hi Don, out of the ones shown I prefer #2 and the B & W.
  10. So they'll be artistic interpretations of gaol cell bars then! Only joking and apologies to everyone especially the Aborigines!
    Of these six images number four is my favourite for it's more muted colours.
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  11. Notwithstanding Don's artistic preference for over rich colours I would like to have seen this shot taken at a faster shutter speed for comparison.
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  13. As a television technician one of the most common repairs to colour TV's was to turn the colour down. Peoples response was usually along the lines of "Oh, that's much better. I thought it had to be colourful!". There may well still be some that have not found the colour control.:D
  14. Patricia Said: Maybe that explains it then. I really don't like watching TV much and would be quite happy without one if I could persuade my husband to ditch it. Not much chance of that though. So I may be the one in the minority there.
    We very rarely watch T V except for a few select shows. prefer to spend the time here or reading photography related articles etc.
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